Uplifting small farmers 

by sustainable agriculture

Finding out environmental-friendly solutions all over the world

International Assosiation


Setting offices up worldwide

Project in Tanzania


Upcoming projects in Pakistan & Bangladesh too



Helping assosiation


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction


Carbon offsetting through supporting programs outside or within their value chain of government and companies

Uplifting small farmers


Organizing and informing farmers about production of Jatropha and drought resistance crops in desert areas



Addition of legumes in an intercropping system to reduce CO2 and N2O emissions and add atmospheric nitrogen to the plant

Bio-fuel production by Jatropha

Palm oil substitution with Jatropha oil leading to reverse environmental degradation and enhances CO2 sequestration. The blending of more Jatropha biofuel into diesel will make  fuel more environmentally friendly


Carbon sequestration


Sequestration of carbon in the soil and vegetation through arid/drought agriculture via producing Jatropha and Cowpea in sub-Saharan Africa and desert areas Pakistan

Desert farming


Drought tolerant Cowpea production in Denmark to bridge quality protein fodder and feed shortage of livestock industry during drought season and enhance reduced carbon uptake

Upcoming Events


General Meeting


Care2people holds a bi-weekly online meeting of Board memebrs and volunteers 


 Wednesdays of 2nd & 4th  weeks of each month

10:00 a.m -11:00 a.m