Board of Directors

Board Members

The Board of Directors has its registered office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, the board of directors consists of four ordinary members, elected until the end of the next ordinary annual general meeting. Below is further information on the directors’ assignments, relevant experience, independence and ownership. Assignments in subsidiaries within the Group have been excluded

Dr. Md. Tariqul Islam Shajib


Experienced Plant and Environmental Scientist with a Master of Science in Agro-Environmental Management from Aarhus University Denmark and Ph.D. in Environmental pollution from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Strong research professional with a demonstrated history of working in the University and International organization in Bangladesh, China and Denmark with focusing on Climate change, Environmental Awareness, Sustainable agriculture, Soil, water pollution & Energy 

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Dr. Ambreen Shah

Secretary General

Holds a PhD from Hohenheim University Stuttgart Germany, Postdoc from Aarhus and Copenhagen Universities Denmark and Masters in Soil sciences from Sindh Agriculture University TandoJam Pakistan. Her research interests include urban farming systems, biological nitrogen fixation, intercropping system, N2O and CO2 emissions from soil, organic farming, and P and K dynamics in organic wastes under effective microorganism (EM) fertilizer.

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Dr. Belayneh Ayalew Desalegne

Board Member


More than 15 years of extensive research experience in various areas of agriculture such as Plant Breeding/Genetics/Agronomy/

Plant protection in Africa and the USA. Experience in a high-profile plant molecular biology experiment in advanced and well-equipped laboratories at the University of Virginia, USA.  Working on cowpea for the last 6 years in areas of molecular genetics with respect to genetic diversity and striga resistance

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Ms. Ratih Jessy Arieswandari

Board member

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)
Bachelor of Arts - BAField Of StudyArabic Literature
 Volunteer in Lombok Earthquake 2018 Part of Mountain Hiker Community

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Ms. Ummai Habiba

Board member

Masters of Science

Field Of StudyGeography and Environment (Disaster Management) from University of Dhaka Bangladesh

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Mr. Frederik Juhl Pedersen

Board member

Masters of Science in Sustainable Biotechnology from Aalborg University.

Broad knowledge of biofuels production and optimization of the process - Cultivation, Pretreatment, Fermentation, Separation and refinement of lipids

Specialized in software based solutions within the field of biotechnology - SuperPro, Python, Aquasim

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Mr. Birger Kluge

Founder & Board Treasurer

International businessman with a penchant for entrepreneurship and innovation and well experienced in green energy and innovative agriculture. Working experience in former Yugoslavia, Albania, Kosovo Iraq, Kuwait, Africa where he successful has initiated several businesses and NGOs

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