About Us

Who we are

Care2People organization– an independent, non-political, non-profit and community-based organization- registered by the Frederikssund Municipality (under the Danish Government) is working to lead the way towards sustainable solutions to climate change.


Our History

Care2people association was established in October, 2016, in the municipality of Copenhagen, initially  conducted   voluntary social projects.

 The association moved to Frederikssund Municipality in 2018 and began working on Jatropha production for bio-fuel in Tanzania. Since 2020,  new activities were launghched bringing in talented, and active members motivated by the asociation's focus areas.

Our Goal

Creating Environmental and Economic Solutions through Sustainable Agriculture.


Our Vision

We seek an  eco-friendly world by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission through desert agriculture and integrated agroforestry towards poverty reduction via producing bio-fuels, bio-fertilizers, food, and feeds.

Why people joined our Assosiation

I witnessed the destruction of unsustainable agriculture in my country Ethiopia. It resulted in famine, conflict, migration and loss of life. I believe that African agriculture is at a crossroads due to droughts caused by deforestation, mono-cropping, loss in biodiversity and population growth. Due to these problems, I felt compelled to being a part of developing solutions for my country. I would like to introduce integrated and sustainable agriculture technologies adopted to the changing climate. I aim to help thousands of people living in rural areas

Dr. Belayneh Ayalew


Sustainability is like a duty for me rather than passion. Every current action will affect my future and time is running low until I believe we will face the consequences of unsustainable past actions. Therefore, we must act fast and be sustainable

Ms. Laura Meskauskatie


As a mother, she feels that the world’s children deserve a sustainable world that is healthy and peaceful. But, our world’s environment is undeniably vulnerable due to misuse of valuable wealth like forests, lands, water and etc. For this reason, I have devoted research that focuses mostly on climate change and sustainable environment. In order to make better decisions, I have learned various problem solving techniques. Moreover, I have had hands-on experiences in computer mapping and analysis. For these reasons, I have tied myself up with the 'Care2people Association' in hopes of making a difference worldwide

Ms.Ummai Habiba