1. Introduction of Jatropha biofuel production towards GHG reduction, fighting desertification and reverse environmental degradation
  2. Integrated farming system to produce adequate necessities such as food, feed, fiber, fuel and raw materials to alleviate poverty, stem rural urban migration and increase income generation for poor family simultaneously contribute for GHG reduction
  3. Legume and non-legumes intercropping system for nitrogen and nutrition content
  4. Introduction of alternative quality protein fodder to reduce GHG emission from livestock industry
  5. Develop programs that store or reduce carbon emissions outside or within the value chain of different companies
  6. Introduction of carbon farming for carbon offsetting option and contribution for carbon neutral goa
  7. Import substitution in Denmark (Soybean-Cowpea) and (Palm-Jatropha)
  8. Create Carbon Compensation Fund for implementation of pilot project
  9. Contribute for an African-led movement of Great Green Wall project